You May Ask

Why does this girl want to pick up the Starfish and throw them into the water? She wants to because she too is a Starfish. At the age of sixteen I washed up onto the beach and was lying there… a really long time. In the year of 2013 God heard the wounded starfish and began sending Living water to my parched soul. Slowly I am regenerating by the power of His great love. Just like a starfish who has tremendous regenerating power, so do we humans when we allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us.

Why did I lie there so long ? I have asked this many times and can only conclude that God was preparing me for such a time is this. I had to come to the point of understanding my deepest wound and how it brought me into waste places. Depression, self loathing, and an over all loss of a will to fully live. You see I did not deserve to live in my estimation so I kept laying on the beach. Passersby didn’t understand and if they could see my wounds they surely didn’t know how to fix them. I hoped someone would or could. that was not to be….until my Redeemer rescued me. His name is Jesus Christ. John 3:16.

Stay tuned there is more to come.

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